Fun Thing if We Spend Time in Semarang

Semarang is one of the cities with interesting tourist destinations . There are many tourist attractions in Semarang that we must visit when we visit the capital of Central Java. We need to know that tourist destination and visit at least once in our lives. If you are looking for a tourist reference in Semarang, then you must read this article.

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Three Most Famous And Beautiful Tourist Attractions of Semarang

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Semarang Tourist Attractions That You Must Visit Once in a Lifetime: Lawang Sewu
Although known as a haunted old place, Lawang Sewu holds a million beauties and historical tours that are very interesting for us to visit. You can come to this place during the day to tour the most historic place about the establishment of trains in Indonesia. In addition, you can also take selfies with aesthetics to fill in your Instagram column.

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Although this Semarang tourist attraction is called Lawang Sewu, but in fact the doors in this historical building are not even numbering a thousand. This is a hyperbolic designation that makes this building seem to have a thousand doors. Even so, the beauty of european building architecture that is thick you cannot miss every time you visit the city of Semarang.

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Semarang Tourist Attractions That You Must Visit Once in a Lifetime: Semarang Old Town
This is one of the ‘mandatory menus’ that must be in the order of tourist travel when coming to semarang city. The Old City of Semarang holds the beauty of ancient European architecture that still stands majestically and is always cared for by the city government. When you step into the Old Town complex, a thick European feel immediately welcomes us.
This Semarang tourist area is indeed very much in demand by tourists, both foreign and local. Many tourists come to Semarang Old Town even though it’s just for photo hunting for their Instagram. In the complex area of Kota Lama Semarang there are also Sriwedari Park and Blenduk Church which are very famous for the natural beauty that is presented.
Semarang Tourist Attractions That You Must Visit Once in a Lifetime: The Great Mosque of Central Java
This one is one of the favorite tourist destinations as well as a very interesting religious tourist spot and visited by many people. The Great Mosque of Central Java is a large mosque that stands in the city of Semarang and has become one of the famous icons of this one city. You can certainly find a magnificent mosque that stands in the middle of the dense semarang.
The architecture of This Semarang tourist attraction is influenced by very thick Arabic, Javanese, and Italian architecture. So that makes this one mosque look very magnificent and beautiful to the eye. Not to mention when the large umbrella that surrounds the background of the mosque is opened, it becomes another attraction that is quite unique and memorable. In addition to worship, you can also take selfies in this mosque.
Thus a brief explanation of tourist attractions in Semarang that can be a reference and recommendation when you visit this one city. Actually, there are still a lot of them, but we only present three of them first.
In addition to the Semarang tourist attractions above, this city also provides many culinary tours that you must visit and feel when visiting here. So, you can while traveling and eating. Hope the article was useful and helpful!

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Fun Thing if We Spend Time in Semarang
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